Open Access Law Adopting Journals

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The following journals have adopted the Open Access Law Journal Principles or have policies consistent with them.

United States

  • Alaska Law Review
  • Animal Law
  • Berkeley Technology Law Journal
  • Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law
  • Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal
  • Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum
  • Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law
  • Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
  • Duke Law Journal
  • Duke Law & Technology Review
  • Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
  • Harvard Journal of Law & Gender
  • Indiana Law Journal
  • The Journal of Legal Analysis, John M. Olin Center at Harvard Law School
  • Jurimetrics: The Journal of Law, Science, and Technology
  • Law & Contemporary Problems
  • Lewis & Clark Law Review
  • Marquette University Law School – IP Law Review
  • Michigan Law Review
  • Michigan State Law Review
  • Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, and Technology
  • New York Law School Law Review
  • North Carolina Banking Institute
  • North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology
  • Pierce Law Review
  • Texas Law Review
  • University of Illinois Law Review
  • University of La Verne Law Review
  • University of Miami School of Law Inter-American Law Review
  • Vanderbilt Law Review
  • Villanova Environmental Law Journal
  • Villanova Journal of Law and Investment
  • Villanova Law Review
  • Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal
  • Wayne Law Review


  • I VARDANDE Revista Electrónica de Semiótica y Fenomenología Jurídicas (Published by Asociación Brasileña de Jóvenes Abogados ABJA)

The Netherlands

  • Utrecht Law Review


  • University of Ottawa Law & Technology Journal

The Philippines

  • Arellano University School of Law quarterly IT Law Journal

United Kingdom

  • Script-Ed: A Journal of Law and Technology
  • Murray Stable Articles


  • International Journal of Communications Law and Policy
  • Journal of Academic Legal Studies

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