OER are unlikely to be as high-quality, or gain acceptance with the State standards boards, so it is safer to avoid them, don’t you think?

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Absolutely not. There is no inherent conflict between OER, alignment with state standards (or any other standards), and quality. Indeed, because OER can be updated and improved upon by anyone, it is most likely that OER will be of higher quality than existing, proprietary resources. If you find an OER that can be improved upon, you should do it! Look at the entry on alignment with state standards for more information regarding finding OER that are so-aligned. We are in a time of transition, so while the OER you desire may be difficult to find now, we believe that it will only be a short time from now that the quantity and quality of OER available to teachers and learners around the world will vastly exceed that of closed resources. And you can help to get us there!

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