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How can Creative Commons licensing work with content created by NGOs (non-governmental organizations, a.k.a. non-profit organizations)? What are resources to help explain this to civil society organizations?

  • The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) uses an all-rights reserved copyright notice on its Web site. [1]
  • Panel on nonprofit copyright at Nonprofit Technology Conference [2]
  • It makes a lot of sense to advocate CC in the non-profit arena [3]
  • Most nonprofits don't have in-house lawyers [4]
  • The imaginary revenue of "If we could just sell some of our ___" makes it psychologically hard for the organization to embrace a free culture philosophy [5]
  • With Amnesty International we will launch a project to create a space where lawyers, experts and activist can share their contents, I will try to convince them to license it with CC by [6]
  • Compare the NonProfit Open Source Initiative [7]
  • uses CC-NC [8]
  • We are working with a Victoria-based non-profit organisation to implement a procedure for releasing their internal documents, training materials and policies under CC [9]
  • Creative Commons Taiwan is finishing up a 20-page "Using Creative Commons Licenses" booklet for government agencies and non-profit organizations. [10]
  • I am working with colleagues on a project that helps private Foundations think about whether and how they could integrate CC-licensing requirements in grant contracts. [11]
  • WITNESS encourages CC licenses for The Hub (Beta), a "YouTube for Human Rights" [12]

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