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Mtkidu is comprised of two South African individuals on a collective path of a shared creative consciousness; design/art/composing is what constitutes their collective make up and the Mtkidu TFTD 0.5 project is merely the first steps to realizing the physical/tangible manifestation of these ideas and concepts

Mtkidu is a live beat construct and visual manipulation team, comprised of Murray Turpin (MT) and Nicholas Nesbitt (Kidu) that was formed mid last year in the pursuit of a sound and visual language that was both experimental and dark. For all intents and purposes, we concentrate on the creation and innovation of a new, dynamic sound, vision in South Africa and as the art galleries and clubs stagnate in white and grey cube commercialism, we will not forget the original purpose and potential of these spaces for invention and exploration….

The time has come to break the conventional moulds of exhibiting and the traditional parameters of tried and tested media and content. Mtkidu(Team Uncool) approach this in four ways: Well, for now at least….

1: Audio manipulation created and performed with a laptop, sampler, cdj's, kaoss pad and that Casio keyboard you lost when you were five. This creates a soundtrack to the world we wish to create for the viewer, enhancing our graphic representations and live visuals.

2: Graphic representation of our visual concepts through mediums such as stickers, stencils, badges, prints, comics, design and web interactions.

3: Experimentation with live visuals (original visuals presented as simple line animations built in flash, that are controlled live)

4: Regulate ourselves and our projects through our record label, Art and Design concept consultancy, Team Uncool….

So in a word or 286, that’s us and what we do...