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First Phase

Operators may wish to include metadata about Resources from other sources, including web services (ie, Semantic Analysis), databases, or something else. This describes how to implement a plugin to import this information.

A plugin implements IMetadataImporter, which provides a single method, loadMetadata. loadMetadata takes a Resource, and is responsible for adding any fields to it. loadMetadata is not responsible for persisting the Resource.

The initial prototype will log URLs as it goes.

The first working plug-in could exercise the API to retrieve tags that delicious users have placed on a URI. Example: /v1/posts/suggest?url=

To accomplish this...

  • enable resources to allow dynamic metadata to be attached (by plug-ins) through a new method on "resource"
    • method that adds an assertion to resource
      • checks to see if the assertion exists, uses if exists, creates if not exist
      • populates assertion with data
    • method that gets all the assertions from resource
  • associate each custom metadata field with a URI-namespace to avoid cardinality
  • Create plug-in; call from aggregate step; use resource's save method;

Deferred until later

Allow configuration of plug-ins

  • enable/disable individual plug-ins
  • add additional or custom plug-ins
  • alter order in which plug-ins run (to determine which are authoritative)