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Contact Contact::Nathan Yergler
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Operators may wish to include metadata about Resources from other sources, including web services (ie, Semantic Analysis), databases, etc. This describes a plugin system for adding sources of information at aggregation time.


Metadata retriever plugins are Nutch plugins which implement the MetadataRetriever extension point. MetadataRetriever extensions must implement a single method, retrieve. retrieve takes a Resource as an argument, and may add additional metadata to it. retrieve is not responsible for persisting the Resource.

We will implement two demonstration plugins: a "dummy" plugin which logs the URLs being passed to it, and a functional demonstration which uses the Delicious API to retrieve suggested and popular tags for a page.


  • Added support for storing arbitrary metadata on Resource objects
  • Added support to TripleStore for serialization an de-serialization
  • Implemented the org.creativecommons.learn.plugin.MetadataRetriever extension point and org.creativecommons.learn.plugin.MetadataRetrievers extension loader
  • Implemented test plugins

Deferred until later

  • Configuration parameters for plugins (the Delicious plugin reads from discovered.xml, but the plugin.xml manifest doesn't state that it needs parameters).
  • Allow sequencing of MetadataRetriever plugins, to determine which are authoritative