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Posters that help explain CC and licensing.
Posters that help explain CC and licensing.
* [[Image:Cc-fullpage-promo-1.pdf]] — ''What is CC?''
* [[Image:Cc-fullpage-promo-1.pdf]] — ''What is CC?'' (pdf)
* [[Image:Cc-fullpage-promo-2.pdf]] — ''How to license''
* [[Image:Cc-fullpage-promo-2.pdf]] — ''How to license'' (pdf)
* [[Image:Cc-fullpage-promo-svg.zip]] — Inkscape SVG source files (zip)

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This page is for linking to CC-related media around the web. This is content that is about Creative Commons and/or created by Creative Commons for use by others. If you create any of your own CC-related works, please add them to this page.

This is media that is meant to evangelize CC and the CC-community!


  • Upload your media to sites that support Creative Commons!
  • Spread the Creative Commons media around the web (and add your links here)
  • Translate Creative Commons



ccMixter is a Creative Commons project based solely for sharing remixable, reusable sound samples under various Creative Commons licences.


  • CCVideos


For photos and CC-related images, please visit our account and the flickr group.


For CC slideshows and presentations, please check out the following pages on slideshare.net:

Promotional Posters

Posters that help explain CC and licensing.