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  1. License: Let your audience know what license your work is under in one or more of these ways:
    1. CC Bumper: A sound clip at the beginning or end of your audio stating the license
      • Download an official CC audio bumper.
      • [[ Create your own CC audio bumper.
      • Browse user submitted bumpers.
    2. CC Marker: A graphic or line of text stating the license, next to the file (on a webpage) or in the liner notes (for physical media)
      • Download an official CC marker or use the license chooser to "get the code" for your website.
      • Create your own CC Marker
      • Browse user submitted markers
    3. Metadata: Machine-readable information embedded within the audio file that tells your computer and mp3 player what license a work is under. See Internal (Technical)
  2. Copyright Statement: A line of text or audio clip stating the author(s), date & copyright
    • May be part of the bumper and/or the marker
    • May be followed by "Some Rights Reserved"
    • example: © Name 2007, Some Rights Reserved


Other Examples

Internal (Technical)