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Yes, everyone is a volunteer on some level, but how can you step up your advocacy and support of Creative Commons in your domain. This page is set to explore the idea of applied volunteerism with Creative Commons to help evangelize, discuss, and present Creative Commons to your locale.

How to Participate




  • License your media/content with a CC license!
  • Contribute to this wiki
  • Spread the word about Creative Commons

College Students

  • See if there is an active chapter at your school
    • If so, join it!
    • If not, start one!
  • The folks at are more than happy to lend a hand in setting up new chapters - send an e-mail to for more info


Licenses Your Work

This is the easiest way to participate with Creative Commons. Simply, license your content publicly on the web and offline in the world


Creative Commons is a small nonprofit. CC presents at several conferences a year, but the formal staff is small. We often need other CC community members to help us at conferences by helping present the projects, fliers, and other issues. Also, this is a great way to get into your favorite conference for free!


How can you give a presentation about Creative Commons to your respective locale, business associates, community members, and friends. This is a good way to participate and help build the commons - explain the ideas to others to help spread the good news!

Social Networks

Join us on any of the following networks - we're always looking to meet new people and make new friends!


  • No built in support? That's OK - just follow our marking standards on how to make sure people understand your licence and you will be just fine.