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== Licenses ==
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All licenses should be allowed into this structure. T
=== Questions ===
* What licenses should be allowed?
* Should licenses be weighted?
* How will they connect with mime-types and how will a system know which filetypes connect with which licenses?
=== Naming ===
What is the best way to name licenses for inclusion.
Possibly this form:
Then, for the three file types, this possibly would make sense:
This way also, a system could have other versions of licenses, such as:
=== Forms ===
==== Human-Readable ====
This would be the human readable commons deed that is included with a license.
==== Lawyer-Readable ====
This would be the legalese for lawyers and courts to read that is specific and really the highest level (most abstract) version of a license.
==== Machine-Readable ====
This is the digital version of a license that is to be read by software (machines).
== Operating Systems ==
=== Linux ===
==== Path =====
===== System-level =====
===== User-level =====
''Please help us fill this out :)''
=== Mac OS X ===
==== Path ====
===== System-level =====
/Library/Application\ Support/Licenses
===== User-level =====
~/Library/Application\ Support/Licenses
=== Windows ===
==== Path ====
===== System=level =====
===== User-level =====
C:\%APPDATA%\create (for local use)
== Filetype Mapping ==
There should be a simple mechanism for mapping known filetypes to types of licenses that can be used with a type of content. There should also be some mechanism for recognizing preferences and possible violations of licenses.
=== Questions ===
* How does this fit in with mimetypes?
* How can these preferences be dealt with?
* Is dealing with possible violation too DRM-like?
== Preferences ==
This is a section TBD on how to deal with preferred licenses and also licenses whose filetype/mime-type mapping is not known.

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