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Table of File Metadata Information

Format Form of Metadata Location of Metadata Links
MP3 XMP / Native id3 tags The PRIV,XMP field / WCOP tag XMP Spec ID3v2.3 Spec
Vorbis XMP / Native comment field XMP comment field / LICENSE comment field Ogg Vorbis Docs
FLAC Native comment fields (id3v2 or vorbis-style comments) Same as with MP3 for id3v2 or Vorbis for vorbis-style comments FLAC Format Spec
Monkey's Audio (APE) Native Vorbis-like comment field AFAIK, there is no standard tag spec
JPEG XMP APP1 Markers XMP Spec
TIFF XMP XMLPacket tag XMP Spec
PNG XMP iTXt, XML:com:adobe:xmp field XMP Spec
GIF XMP Application block XMP Spec
SVG RDF /svg/metadata/rdf CC Wiki, SVG, based on Inkscape
PSD (Adobe Photoshop) XMP Resource block XMP Spec
ASF (eg AVI) Native tag Content Description Object ASF metadata
Matroska Native tag COPYRIGHT tag Matroska Tagging Spec
Quicktime Native tag kMDItemCopyright(old)/kUserDataTextCopyright(new) tag Quicktime 7 API Reference XMP Spec
OGG No metadata standard Ogg Metadata Draft
Theora Theora comments (similar to Vorbis comments) Theora Spec
Flash RDF ?
PDF XMP metadata field XMP Spec
Postscript/EPS XMP Document-level metadata XMP Spec
HTML RDFa <a rel="license" href="..."></a> CC Wiki, RDFa
SMIL RDF /smil/head/metadata@id="meta-rdf"/RDF CreativeCommons SMIL Module
RSS 1.0 /RDF/channel/license or /RDF/channel/item/license CreativeCommons RSS 1.0 Module
RSS 2.0 /rss/channel/cc:license or /rss/channel/item/cc:license CreativeCommons RSS 2.0 Module
Atom /feed/entry/link@rel=license Atom License Extension
Any XML XMP Wherever valid XMP Spec (OASIS) CC License Add-In SoC Project is working on the spec
MS Office (2003) DocumentSummaryInformation Infile CreativeCommons_LicenseURL property Office Add-in
MS Office OpenXML (2007) ? ? OpenXML Spec Relevant mailing list post