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System Overview

Liblicense system architecture.png

svg version

Config Modules

  • in_use() - returns whether or not the corresponding config system exists on the computer
  • get() - returns the current default license uri
  • set(uri) - sets the default license uri and returns 0 upon success (non-zero for errors)

I/O Modules

  • mime_types - null terminated list of handled mime-types (all indicates external storage method which works for any file)
  • read(filename) - returns the license uri for the given file (embedded license takes precedence)
  • write(filename,uri) - writes the license uri for the given file


From Desktop Integration

Sugar (OLPC)

Sugar journal-01.png

Sugar settings-01.png


Gnome nautilus-01.png

Gnome properties-01.png

Gnome preferences-01.png


Kde konqueror-01.png

Kde properties-01.png

Kde controlcenter-01.png


Openmoko preferences-01.png


Osx info-01.png Osx preferences-01.png