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To provide a generic interface to the CC license data, license choice data and license choice logic.


Application developers who wish to choose and/or verify CC licenses.


This library will be implemented in C to provide maximum portability.


  • get_jurisdiction(uri) - returns the jurisdiction for the given license.
  • get_jurisdictions(short or bitcode) - returns the available jurisdiction for the given short name or bitcode.
  • get_locale(uri) – returns the locale for the given license.
  • get_locales(jurisdiction, short or bitcode) – returns the available locales for the given jurisdiction and short name or bitcode.
  • get_name(uri) – returns the name of the license.
  • get_version(uri) – returns the version of the license.
  • get_versions(short, jurisdiction) - returns the available versions for the given short name or bitcode and jurisdiction.
  • get_short(uri) - returns the short name for the given uri.
  • has_flag(attribute,uri) – returns if the flag is set for the given uri.
  • family_flags(family) - returns the flags available for a given family.
  • family(uri) – returns the family the given uri belongs to.
  • get_notification(uri[,url]) - returns the notification string for the given url with an option to provide a verification url.
  • verify_uri(uri) - returns whether or not the given uri is recognized by the system.
  • get_license(family,flags, jurisdiction,locale) – returns the uri which satisfies the given attributes.
  • get_all_licenses() - returns a null-terminated list of all general licenses available.
  • get_general_licenses(family) - returns a null-terminated list of all general licenses in a family.
  • get_families() – returns a null-terminated list of available families.

Data Structure

  • Data Types (informal)
    • uri
    • name
    • notification
    • deed
    • sampling


  • licenses
    • creative_commons_sampling
    • creative_commons
      • licenses
      • flags
      • name
      • general


  • Python


libccLicense system implementation guidelines

  • Gnome
  • KDE
  • OpenMoko
  • Sugar (OLPC)