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Translation of CC0 into Legal Tools Translation/CC0/Dutch

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation
Belgium, Netherlands

Language coordination
In an earlier project the Dutch CC-team made a unofficial translation to be used on our main governments website. That website also states that it is in an unofficial. So we already have a first draft.

We work closely together with CC-Belgium, as we are hosting their Public Lead as an intern at Kennisland, one of the partners of CC-NL. We will cross-post all messages between the Dutch and Belgium CC sites.

Submission of Translation
Proposal to Regional Coordinator
Submission of First Draft: {{{draftdate}}}
Start of public comment period: 2013/02/01
End of public comment period: 2013/02/28
Projected Publication Date: 2013/04/01

Translation process
The draft was written in the fall of 2009 by Nynke Hendriks, Paul Keller and Lucie Guibault and has been used since then on the website of www.rijksoverheid.nl. There is a public comment period in february 2013 that we coordinate and reach-out using creativecommons.nl and creativecommons.be

Web site: www.creativecommons.nl

Lucie Guibault - Legal lead (CC-NL) Thomas Margoni - legal (CC-NL) Severine Dusollier - legal lead (CC-BE) Maarten Zeinstra - Coordinator (CC-NL) Yannick H'Madoun - Public Lead (CC-BE)

Word choice
There was a discussion concerning the translation of 'Statement of Purpose' to 'doelstelling' or the very similar word 'doelverklaring'. The difference in meaning is that doelstelling means a statement of purpose as in stating and argument whereas a doelverklaring means an explanation of a purpose. CC-NL and CC-BE discussed this and we came to the conclusion that doelverklaring would be better to use here.

Yes I confirm that the team understands that this will be a translation of CC0 and not an adaptation.