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New Zealand

Translation Status

Finalized and published.

Key dates

First draft was submitted: 9/03/2014
Public comment period: 1/27/2015 - 4/06/2015
Translation officially published: C0 launch - 7/13/2015

Translation team

  • Matt McGregor, Public Lead CCANZ (project management, including consultation)
  • Karaitiana Taiuru, CCANZ Advisory Panel member (providing advice on how to manage the process)
  • Ian Cormack, translator

Translation process

We will contract Ian Cormack, who is an experienced translator, to make the translation. We will reach out to indigenous communities using our CC networks; we will also work will relevant people in public agencies who may wish to use the licences for public sector information.

Translation files on staging server

To be published

  1. [BY]
  2. [BY-SA]
  3. [BY-NC]
  4. [BY-ND]
  5. [BY-NC-SA]
  6. [BY-NC-ND]

Final translation files


  1. BY
  2. BY-SA
  3. BY-NC
  4. BY-ND
  5. BY-NC-SA
  6. BY-NC-ND


  1. BY
  2. BY-SA
  3. BY-NC
  4. BY-ND
  5. BY-NC-SA
  6. BY-NC-ND