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(Submitted Use Cases: added NSDL)
(Submitted Use Cases)
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* '''National Science Digital Library'''
* '''National Science Digital Library'''
** [[media:LRMIUseCase-NSDL.doc|Use Case]] (doc)
** [[media:LRMIUseCase-NSDL.doc|Use Case]] (doc)
** [[media:NSDL-PAN-UseCase.doc|Personalized Access to NSDL (PAN) Portal]] (doc)

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The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative will propose an extension to the Schema.org metadata vocabulary addressing the needs of the educational community. A large part of this process will be incorporating expertise and feedback from the public. The main method of providing structured feedback is by submitting Use Cases to the LRMI Technical Working Group for review.

Submitting Use Cases

DEADLINE is September 30th, 2011

Please fill out the template (DOC, ODT) and submit to lrmi@creativecommons.org The Use Cases will be shared with the Technical Working Group members and we would prefer to post a copy on this wiki as well. Please note if public consumption is not acceptable.

Submitted Use Cases

Below you can find the submitted Use Cases that are publicly shareable.