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Prospective timeline (2011-2012)

July 18:

Publish Call For Participation for the Technical Working Group (WG) - DONE

August 12:

Announce Technical Working Group composition - DONE

August 17th:

First WG teleconference - DONE

August 22nd:

Send out Call for Use Cases of educational metadata - DONE

August 26th:

Share preliminary findings on existing education metadata vocabularies and real world use - DONE (Report by Brian Carver is being shopped for publication)

September 8th

First WG F2F (location and agenda) - DONE
Share publicly viewable responses to Use Cases - DONE (see above agenda)

September 30th

DEADLINE to receive community Use Cases
Publish findings on existing metadata vocabularies and real world use - DONE
Request domain expert and list feedback on first rough draft of abstract vocabulary - DONE

October 21st

Publish first draft of abstract vocabulaary - DONE
Blog post
Request domain expert and list feedback on and RDF expression first rough draft - DONE

November 21st

Second draft of abstract vocabulary; This is the release candidate pending bugs found in developing and RDF expressions. - DONE
Blog post


Finalize abstract vocabulary - DONE
Finalize list of launch/1.0 publisher and application adopters - DONE
Denote 1.0 of abstract vocabular - DONE
Submit expression to mailing list - DONE


Respond to feedback/bugs from mailing list - DONE
Potential acceptance to
Launch with array of publisher and application adopters


Maintain and fix bugs
Work to make adoption universal
Pass on maintenance to established standards organization