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Property Expected Type Description LOM approximate DC approx. Schema.org approx.
Education Specific
educationalAlignment schema.org/AlignmentObject An alignment to an established educational framework. conformsTo
educationalUse schema.org/Text The purpose of the work in the context of education.
  • Ex: "assignment"
  • Ex: “group work”
intendedEndUserRole schema.org/Text The individual or group for which the work in question was produced.
  • Ex: "student"
  • Ex: "teacher"
intendedEndUserRole audience
interactivityType schema.org/Text The predominate mode of learning supported by the learning resource. Acceptable values are active, expositive, or mixed.
  • Ex: "active"
  • Ex: "mixed"
Interactivity Type
isBasedOnURL schema.org/URL A resource that was used in the creation of this resource. This term can be repeated for multiple sources. isBasedOn source
learningResourceType schema.org/Text The predominate type or kind characterizing the learning resource.
  • Ex: "presentation"
  • Ex: "handout"
Learning Resource Type
timeRequired schema.org/Duration

(ISO 8601)

Approximate or typical time it takes to work with or through this learning resource for the typical intended target audience.
  • Ex: "P30M"
  • Ex: "P1H25M"
typicalLearningTime (5.9)
typicalAgeRange schema.org/Text The typical range of ages the content's intendedEndUser.
  • Ex: "7-9"
  • Ex: "18-"
typicalAgeRange educationLevel (not equiv. but related)
useRightsURL schema.org/URL The URL where the owner specifies permissions for using the resource. rights:Copyright and Other Restrictions (6.2) license
Already adequately expressed in Schema.org
  These terms are important terms used with learning resources that are currently well covered by Schema.org
title schema.org/Text The title of the resource. Title title Thing:name
topic schema.org/Text The subject of the content. subject CreativeWork:About
created schema.org/Date The date on which the resource was created. Created created CreativeWork:dateCreated
creator schema.org/Person The individual credited with the creation of the resource. Contribute creator CreativeWork:author
publisher schema.org/Organization The organization credited with publishing the resource. publisher CreativeWork:publisher
language schema.org/Language The primary language of the resource. Language language CreativeWork:inLanguage
mediaType schema.org/Text The type of media which is being described. type CreativeWork:genre