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* [[media:MERLOT-Mapping.xls|MERLOT]] (.xls)
* [[media:MERLOT-Mapping.xls|MERLOT]] (.xls)
* [[Media:MIT OCW--LRMI mapping-2012-11-12.pdf|MIT OpenCourseWare]] (PDF)
* [[Media:MIT OCW--LRMI mapping-2012-11-12.pdf|MIT OpenCourseWare]] (PDF)
* [[Media:OERCommons_Schema_LRMI_Map.pdf| OER Commons]] (PDF)

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LRMI Implementation

Creative Commons is funded to work with up to 10 OER platforms and registries to implement LRMI metadata. The goal is not only to get 10 quality implementations ready but also to develop a suite of best practices references for others wishing to do the implementation themselves.

The main deliverables will be documented on this page, including mappings.

Live Implementations

Coming soon!


Mappings are created to "map" the LRMI specification to the currently in-use metadata schema on each platform or registry. This enables the platform to do an automatic conversion to LRMI without the need of much human intervention.

Mappings currently available: