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Creative Commons currently provides two methods for integrating license selection into applications: the [[Partner Interface]] and the [[Creative Commons Web Services|web service API]].  The CC Javascript Widget will provide an additional, lightweight method for integrating license selection into web applications.  When complete the widget will be used in [[WpLicense]] as well.
#REDIRECT [[LicenseChooser.js]]
'''Note that the JsWidget is currently under development and is not yet available.'''
== Sample Usage ==
This widget generated will be similar to the chooser currently deployed at [http://labs.creativecommons.org/dhtmllicense/ CC Labs].
<div style="text-align:center">
The following is a simple example of how the widget would be included in a page to create a license selector.
      <title>Example Widget Page</title>
        &lt;div id="widget_container">
          <script src="http://example.creativecommons.org/widget/1.0/source.js"></script>
== Requirements ==
We have identified the following requirements for the Javascript widget:
* Generate HTML suitable for use in a form which presents the basic license selector
* Provide compatibility with all [http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/articles/gbs/ A-grade browsers]
* Provide up to date license information by either:
** Utilizing the [[Creative Commons Web Services]], or
** Utilizing licenses.xml to generate the appropriate Javascript on the server side.  This may be done using a dynamic language such as PHP or through pre-processing to a static file when licenses are updated.
* Support new, expanded metadata including attributionName, attributionUrl and morePermissions.
* Provide a robust, scalable serving solution (if any server-side processing is needed) in order to support CC-hosted Javascript resources for the general public
== Resources ==
* [http://cctools.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cctools/cclib/trunk/js/ cclib/trunk/js] in Subversion contains the Javascript used for the [http://labs.creativecommons.org/dhtmllicense/ DHTML License Selector]

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