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For general information about iCommons 2008 in Sapporo, Japan, see the iCommons website. This page describes CC-specific involvement at the conference.

Day 0 will include the CCi Legal Day, dedicated to giving Creative Commons jurisdiction project leads and teams the opportunity to discuss legal issues and international aspects of the Creative Commons licenses.

From Now Until Day 1

There are three major projects to collaborate on prior to #Tuesday, July 29.

  • 5 Use-cases added to the usecases from each jurisdiction
  • 5 CC integrations with your (top) level targets for your jurisdiction (could also be the usecases)
  • Translations at http://translate.creativecommons.org at 100% (or maybe better to have something like 5 docs at Documentation translated.

Then, we will have a session going over the successes in this drive and highlighting the key pieces.

A detailed schedule is forthcoming as we work out the details and coordinate with iCommons.

Tuesday, July 29

Legal Day

Wednesday, July 30

Closed session(s) for all CC affiliates and jurisdiction projects to hammer out various issues.

Thursday, July 31

Low Level (practical): Culture, Technical, and Academic Projects workshops.

Friday, August 1

Conference ends, no CC-specific events planned.

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