Global Summit 2011/Where Are We Going?

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This document represents a ‘cleaned up’ version of whiteboard notes taken at the final strategy session, titled ‘Where Are We Going?’, of the Creative Commons Global Summit 2011.

It summarises the outcomes of the discussion with affiliates and other community members during this session aimed at identifying the issues of most importance in CC’s ongoing strategy and community development.

Managerial Direction

  • more strategic direction from HQ
  • built on affiliate input
  • responsive to/encouraging of grass roots motivators
  • setting clearer rights/obligations/standards to be adhered to
  • adaptable on a local/regional basis


  • for knowledge transfer and to get to know each other
  • affiliate to affiliate
  • affiliate to HQ; HQ to affiliate
  • with Board
  • more feedback/response to communications
  • using best practice technologies
  • possibly including a private space for internal discussion


  • within regions
  • internationally (between regions and individual affiliates)
  • on concrete projects, with achievable real-world outcomes
  • work towards unified message and resources, at international and local level

Skills Identification

  • among affiliates
  • at HQ
  • among the broader community
  • to enable better utilisation of community resources available to us

Expanded Community

  • systematically build network - not just fortuitous growth
  • more affiliates
  • more volunteers
  • more engagement with others in the open community
  • build user base - licensors and licensees
  • make benefits/incentives clear

Global Awareness

  • higher profile for global achievements and affiliates
  • more consultation with global community
  • global should be the first perspective on any question

Funding Solutions

  • for HQ and affiliates
  • need office sustainability
  • portable between jurisdictions
  • more information on what is working
  • long term issue - won’t be solved in next year

Concrete Projects with Quantifiable Outcomes

  • both for individual jurisdictions and collaborative projects
  • unified language projects - within and across regions
  • realistic timeframes - outcomes soon
  • OER, open government, data and creative industries are key areas

4.0 Licence Suite

  • most important collaborative project of next few years
  • needs clear process and transparency
  • needs accessible consultation - through mechanisms like wikis, working groups etc
  • needs identifiable responses to issues raised


  • make incentives/benefits of CC clear
  • ensure CC is represented at major global meetings
  • teach CC as fundamental part of copyright system