Global Summit 2011/Unconference/Communications

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  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Affiliates Share!
    • Stories about each region's communications efforts/methods
    • Stories about IDing and promoting regional case studies
  • HQ share experiences/lessons learned from The Power of Open
  • ALL share general tips for effective communications
  • Affiliates give input about what support from HQ would be most useful to their communications efforts

What works?

  • quantify with data
  • partner with existing open community initiatives to use CC or highlight CC use, ie. Wikipedia loves art, other contests
  • take advantage of crises, revolutions, political climates conducive to CC and/or otherwise relevant
  • messaging: "free stuff that would otherwise be locked up"
  • emphasize global access
  • bus dev - focus on high profile early adopters for developing regions
    • blog and spread stories of these early adopters, leverage for getting new adopters
  • recruit early adopters as CC ambassadors/advocates
  • launch events leveraging local resources/businesses/museums
  • focus on credibility areas - by association CC will grow in importance
  • integrate CC into existing classes and education, ie. business schools and other schools/universities, across domains (not just IP or law related), ie. this is touched on by "P2PU School of Open" initiative in Education Strategy session
  • search and discovery aids

What is needed?

  • case studies by domain (exists, need to refine and amplify)
  • one pagers on identified issues, ie. FAQ (ditto)
  • enrich and increase existing resources
  • look at other organizations' communications strategies
  • simplify concepts
  • metrics need to be more easily accessible and digestible
  • information design and architecture of resources needs to be improved
  • leverage volunteers around the world more
  • use more audio, video and other media vs. writing when reaching out to people for stories, and generally on the web
  • decrease the ask
  • use external resources, ie. journalists, for obtaining stories
  • explain risks taken by NOT using CC
  • list of influential target areas where CC is currently lacking
  • training for advocates/talking points
  • latest developments by area
  • evolving talking points