Global Summit 2011/Cultural Events

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During the weekend there will also be concerts and events in Zachęta Modern Art Gallery, Obiekt Znaleziony and Chlodna 25 Club.

Thursday and Friday, September 15-16

Sharism Makerlab

21:00. Free. Hedoco, Aleja Na Skarpie 15 apt.16

The Sharism Makerlab will be held in Warsaw right before the Global Creative Commons Summit. This two day event joins international makers, programmers, artists, musicians, designers, and thinkers with local collaborators in teams to produce new, spontaneous and creative projects. The final products will be shared with Warsaw and the Summit guests in a public exhibition on Friday night. The event is free and open to the public.

Friday through Sunday, September 16-18

CC Visual Arts Exhibition

All day. Free. Primates Palace (Summit main venue)

The CC Visual Arts Exhibition is a digital projection and online art exhibition of CC-licensed visual artworks from around the world. The digital projection component of the exhibition will take place in the entryway of the Primates Palace, and is curated by Lebanese artist Naeema Zarif. The online component of the exhibition is curated by CC Korea at, and features all artworks from the digital projection, in addition to numerous other visual works submitted by CC Affiliates and creators in their regions.

Saturday, September 17

Creative Commons Salon (Concert)

20:00. Free. Cinema hall of Zachęta Modern Art Gallery (Małachowskiego Place 3, Warsaw)

The CC Salon will be a musical concert featuring local bands, Masala and Usta. Masala is a music fusion collective whose genre can only be described as ethno-electro-ragga-punk-hip-hop. They are famous not only for combining Asian music with electronics, but also promoting remix culture and free sharing of music online. The band Usta (Lips) is an esoteric group whose music is built on disco rhythms, minimalist sensitivity songs and jazz improvisation. Joining these artists will be Tunisian rap group, Armada Bizerta. Both concerts will be accompanied by visuals by VJ Lekernel from France.

Party at Obiekt Znaleziony Club (Małachowskiego Place 3, underground)

21:00. Free for registered participants of CC Global Summit. 10 PLN for others.

AXMusique is an unusual producer duo, who earned the affection of fans and publishers with powerful concerts mixing electronic and rock-and-roll music (and music available for free). Mash-ups and electroswing remixes will be served by veterans from Respect Kru - Mono and the Kwazar. DJs will also play remixes of Masala and AXMusique from a remix collaboration organized on

Sunday, September 18

Screening of C-Man Copyright Defender (15 min)

13:00. Free. Primates Palace (Summit main venue)

As a special visual treat for Sunday lunch, CC Slovenia will screen "C-Man Copyright Defender." This film was shot in 2008 during the CC festival in Ljubljana and edited down to 15 minutes in the two years following. "C-Man Copyright Defender" is a satirical stampede through the anomalies of the existing copyright system, featuring Luka Frelih, a CC Slovenia public lead as the C-Man, as well as two other CC agents (Balazs Bodo and Paul Keller) as his opponents.

File:Ravbarji in zandarji520.jpg

Martin's Masecki piano concerto 'Music of Warsaw tram Accordionists'

20:00. Free for registered participants of CC Global Summit. 20 PLN for others. Cinema hall of Zachęta Moder Art Gallery (Małachowskiego Place 3, Warsaw)

Martin Masecki will present a new project building on the sounds of the city. Known for his daring shows, this gifted pianist-experimenter was inspired by the sounds of the Warsaw tram to express accordion musicians everything.

+ Afterparty and open mic session at Chłodna 25 Club (Chłodna 25 street, Warsaw)