Global Network Strategy/DE Meeting

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Strategy Group DE.jpg

Date: November 11-13, 2016

Nov. 11 at Park Plaza Wallstreet
Nov. 12-13 at Wikimedie Deutschland

Attendees: Carolina Botero (Colombia), Claudia Cristiani (El Salvador), Claudio Ruiz (Chile, RC), Delia Browne (Australia), Kelsey Wiens (Canada, SA), Muid Latif (Malaysia), Naeema Zarif (Turkey, Lebanon, RC), Nic Suzor (Australia), Paul Keller (Netherlands, CC board), Evelin Heidel (Argentina), Simeon Oriko (Kenya), Soohyun Pae (South Korea), Alek Tarkowski (Poland) and Ryan Merkley (Canada/HQ).


Come up with clear draft strategy of what a new model for the community looks like. Goal should be consensus for one model, or at least consensus on model areas. Where we don’t have consensus present options. Could present a couple of model options. Take every effort to get consensus if possible.

To do by the time the meeting ends:

  1. Agree on principles and goals
  2. Identify shared insights and draft strategy proposal
  3. Define an engagement and discussion plan


A comprehensive agenda for the two days can be found on this Google Doc: [1]

More details to follow shortly