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  • John - Wikimedia
  • Michelle - Mozilla
  • Claudia - KDE
  • Charlie - friend of Mozilla
  • Siebrand - translatewiki.net

For participants

  • Hard to define the value proposition. Easy for organisers, but we need to focus on the value for

the participant.

  • Community summit - I love meeting my friends whom I work with every day in real life.
  • Better understanding of the person on the other side of the line. Interfacing, improving relationships.
  • Getting context.
  • Reality check/Feedback on ideas or concepts in more understandable and sane ways.
  • Group thinking (?)
  • Learn, find out, get informed, get choice.


  • Getting a reality check on ideas and concepts
  • Fulfill the need for belonging and having and deepening social real-life relationships
  • Get information on familiar and unfamiliar topics

For organisation

  • Community summit - Results in code, decisions, strengthened community, outreach leading to new community.
  • KDE has newbie quota for sprints.
  • Growth of the contributor base, knowledge transfer, continuity of community.
  • Community binding/bonding.
  • Providing context and gathering feedback.


  • Acceleration of loads of stuff
  • Outreach kills groups thinking
  • Boosting community health


  • Mentorship programme for event organising
  • Guidelines for event organising
  • 10 steps to organising an event that sucks
  • outreach toolbox
    • best practice examples
    • don'ts
    • checklists