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Collaboration breeds comrpomise and mediocrity!?
Collaboration breeds comrpomise and mediocrity!?

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What is the best way to attract and retain voolunteers online? 3

What are different structure ofor online open governance? 1
How can we reward evangelists/ 
(See Q 7659148)

How ? volunteer-led organizations to become and stay sustainable?
how to give feedback for volunteers?


How contact databases are used by orgs represented?
Where is the knowledge?
How can we catalog and sahre evangelists?  Q:67659148

Best way to document an evet (text, wiki, ? , photos)?
Event Kit -  sample agendas, evaluation forms, signs, more?
Tools for decision making
How do you meaningully archive and shae?
What good event stuff do yo ahve to share?
What about a mistake-pool?

How to moderate communities online? 1
what are the best ways to build participation online with face-to-face ctivity
Awesome tools for online collaboration - what are they?
what online participation do you find most ADDICTIVE?

Who ar our audiences?
How comfortable are you with peopel representing you on a local scale?
How can the otucome of local events feed into theg lboal movement? 1
How do you engage different cultures in adtive event participation? 1
Why are we (open culture) still a subculture? 1
Moving beyond euro-amero centricity of events.


Events useful for the global org -- events useful for local cmomunity?  are they the same , or do they need to be separately proposed?  
What is the role of local, national, diaspora, government bodies in supoprting peer dirven moveent events? 1
 Do lobbies have effect and how should yous tructure them?
How do we make large cmomunties feel small?  <3
How do you make sure the message stays the same on the regional scale?
How do you met your global cmomunity in real life?
How do you get meaningful engagement for 10,000 people in a global assocaition? 
Everything that will shape dily life in 2030 already exists?  How can we be the ones putting the components together beore everyone else?  
How to build a euroepan p[eer driven event to generate valuable input into policymaking processes?
How can you empower/encourag local people and communiteis to organize local eventgs?

How much can/will be shared from contact databases? 1
What have we really got in common? 1
What does a shared resource center for event organizers look like? 1
Can we join forces for sharnig events like ? to reach more users?
Should we join forces more ofte?  Joint events...
Can we come up with joint message amongst wikipedia, cc, mozillal, etc?  
What's a simple template for joint events aross thes e orgs? 
Cross organizatinoal hpysical material (print) creation
How do we max competetive advatnage in tech innovation?

Can we make important events good ways to RAISE FUNDS -- perhaps with a shared bank/pool -- so they recover costs/ 4
Why should I volunteer when he gets paid? 1
How can communities develop a strong shared identity without physical intercaction?
It's challenging to remani creative when you inject money into the system... why?
What are the ideal economcs for volunteer-led organizations?
how can we share the money/funding amnogst open orgs/
How to/can we share the funding among orgs for events?

Is common ifnrastructure b/t CC/M/WP opossible?  4
Donst for Communities -- how to kill cmomunity  10 steps
How to decide who gets invited? 1
We focus a lot on maknig events fun and social, but perhaps less on maknig them produyctive -- what are the bset formats tog et work doen? 1
How to map people and orgs in cmomunities in ongling and sustationable ways?  1
How to identify common goals?
How to makximize osive interactio b/t cmomunity and organiztinos at IRL events
ferquent,small scale cross-rogal events sharing experiences "WebDays"

How do you inovel "outsiders ine vents efficiently?  2
What is/are the bset ways to explain open a participatio to newcomers? 3
How do we read the not yet connected (woen!) ? 2
What do you have to teach/  go teach it to an enwbie.
how do youcreate new participation of attractive for new people?
how do we let people nkow the changes we've alerady made?
Events that are effective/high impact for newbies?
How do you effecitvely use events to get new kinsd of peopl doing things/
Hwo to do events where you constructivel invite notj ust 'friends' but also critics and 'emnemies' of your mvoement/

Which incentive sa er valid for old timewers and which for newbies?
What are the arguments fo geting involve for newcomers?

How do we empwer people to form communitsei to further spread mssageas? 2
SWAG or I love t-shirst... but we ahve so many... what good ideas for swag?
Get people to your event or join theirs
How to keep our topics today accesible to those we are talking about

Engaging audience people
Sharing/documetnatino after events

How to define goals for  events? 1
How do we evaluagte success/failure of events? 1
What are general measures of success for organizers and participants?
How do you know when /not/ to do an event, even when it seems fun at tifirst thougt?  (but smoethign else is actually more useful to invest in) ?
Ho do you measure success?

How do you guarante fun? 3
What events have most inspierd you? 1
How do we organize ourselevs and remain chaotic??!

When and How do ypeople share joy (in persno)
popular movemetns have to be fun - hw do we make the best fun thigns fun?

Music and humor - what part do they play?
Why do we need events?

How do pysical spaces of an event affect their effectiveness, in terms of paricipants?  different spaces for diff objectiv es?
Wht are your priorities when organizin a meetup? 1
What are we weach doing that is working?  comapre!
what aer we dcoing w/events that are failing?  compare!
What are different stgructures and weaknesses of different formats?
to conference or unconference?  which, when, who?
What event type pumps you up the most?  (wrt. participation)

What's a template or awesome, simple 1-3 hr events that scape?  meetups+++ 1
What do massively scaled 1-3 person teachins look like?  2
Beyond 'pure' social meetups - not instead, but in addition
Do meetings alone accomplish something?
How do we show event participants known the ways they can get involved in an org's other activiteies?

How do we invite participation beyond the 'usual suspects'?  4
What's our bigger ambition?
Events are nothing unless they are part of a bagigger ambition.
What are the cmomon featuers of all events?

How do you reward your contributors?  5
How dto deal with decline in participation i.e., whcih opssib le counter strategies exist?  4
Which was the last gruop you left and why did you leave? 1
How to best counter community fatigue?  how to best pump oxygen back into your community?
Collaboration breeds comrpomise and mediocrity!?