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Sprint Projects

Local Planner Handbook

Human resource directory

Event calendar

Inventory of available tools

Microevent templates

Event funding templates

Overview of event and agenda formats

Inventory of venue and vendors


[Nadia |!/ladyniasan] [Pippa |!/pipstar] How can people meeting at an event guarantee they'll have a chance to communicate again? Sparklez is a service enabling event organisers to encourage and record connections+ made between attendees of their events. More information about Global_Melt/Sparklez

Facilitator Handbook

Schwag idea inventory

Event kit

10 Steps for best/worst event ever

Lodewijk & ...

Mentor framework for event organizers

Collaborative Mobile tools for events

Facilitator To Do lists


Repository of Event content

Crisis Response Guidelines

Conversation Prompters


  • Jay Cousin's "Talk to Me" Bubbles: [1]
  • Customisable "Hello, my name is _______" stickers [2] [task" can we create a non-proprietary HTML5 / Canvas version?]

Global Event Game

(Michelle, Alek, SJ)

Live events and community health

(Charlie, Claudia, Alina, Asaf) Ideas how to facilitate community health at live events