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(Switching which branch you are on)
(Deleting a remote branch)
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== Deleting a remote branch ==
== Deleting a remote branch ==
  git push :origin/BRANCH_NAME_TO_DELETE
  git push origin :BRANCH_NAME_TO_DELETE

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Everything in ALLCAPS should be considered something you think about before typing.

Checking out a project

git clone PROJECT_URL
git branch -a # Take a look at all the remote branches you can pick from.

Creating a new local branch that tracks a remote branch

git branch --track LOCALFUN remote/REMOTE_BRANCH_NAME
git checkout LOCALFUN
git pull # You should see, "Already up-to-date."
git push # You should see, "Everything up-to-date"

Switching which branch you are on

git checkout <BRANCH_NAME>

NOTE: Do not use this to create branches!

Deleting a remote branch

git push origin :BRANCH_NAME_TO_DELETE