Getting started with IRC

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IRC is a little different to proprietary chat programs. IRC is a global conversation medium, accessible to everyone. As such, it has great potential but is a little harder to understand.

Getting a name

Nicknames on IRC are on a per-server basis. We use the freenode server exclusively, so registering a nickname is a one-time deal. That said, IRC has been around a while. Your name may very well be taken by someone else.

First change your nickname to something unique:

   /nick mattl


When you have chosen your nickname register it with the nickname service.

   /msg nickserv register password email

Replacing password with a strong password and email with your email address. For example:

   /msg nickserv register sci3nce!!

You should save this password in your IRC client, if you can.

On IRCCloud:

  • Click the name of the network (freenode) on the right of the screen
  • Then click edit
  • Expand the advanced options to find a place to save your nickserv password.