France: ParisTech Charter of Open Courseware and Licensing Practices

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Date: 2007/03/21
Policy Status: Current
Language: fr; en
Jurisdiction: Institution - Tertiary
Country: France
Institution: ParisTech
Policy license: CC BY


Policy Title: ParisTech Charter of Open Courseware and Licensing Practices - Go to the policy
Author(s): ParisTech

Description: ParisTech (officially Institut des sciences et technologies de Paris (Paris Institute of Technology)) is a collegiate university located in Paris, France specialised in science and business. free access to the available online catalogue of more than 2,500 teaching resources, 2,700 course in around 200 programs of teaching units; most documents are under a Creative Commons licence, they can be read, copied and printed for a personal usage, but must not be modified.

Policy Comments:

Government founding decree (21Mar07) for ParisTech is here (needs verification):