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*<span style="font-size:115%;">[http://creativecommons.org/events Signup to receive monthly email alerts from Creative Commons about upcoming events]</span>
*<span style="font-size:115%;">Learn how to [[Salon|start a CC Salon]]</span>
Check out or start a Creative Commons or CC-related event! If you would like to add an event, enter it below and click "add event" to add it to our database. Note: Only future events show up on the list below.
[https://wiki.creativecommons.org/index.php/Category:Event See a list of events]
<strong> Want to stay informed about upcoming events?</strong> [http://creativecommons.org/events Sign up] to receive monthly email alerts.
| articles = Pt:Eventos,Ru:События
* [[Salon|CC Salon]] - Find one in your city
* [http://upcoming.yahoo.com/tag/creativecommons/ Events tagged 'creativecommons' on Upcoming]
* [[Birthday Party|CC Birthday Party]] - December 16 around the world!
<div align="center">
{{#forminput:Event|35|Title|Add Event|}}
<br />
  | mainlabel=Title
  | ?EventType
  | ?date
  | ?Location
  | ?Attendance
  | sort=date
  | limit=50
  | ?Date=start
  | ?End_date=end
  | ?location
  | format=icalendar
  | searchlabel=(iCal)
  | limit=5000
'''[http://www.dapper.net/services/cc-events-wiki iCal Feed] of this page for your favorite calendar program like Google Calendar via Dapper!''' ([http://www.dapper.net/dapp-howto-use.php?dappName=CreativeCommonsEvents Dapper Page for customization])

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