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All affiliates are encouraged to seek out each other for meetings and collaborations when participating in events (especially those listed last on this page which is of particular interest to Creative Commons affiliates). You can always ask on the European mailing list if someone else is going to a particular event!

During some occasions, when a more detailed discussion is useful between the affiliates, it can make sense to schedule a half day or day long meeting before or after a related event to have some time for the affiliates themselves to voice opinions and find constructive dialogue.

Meeting planning

The current tentative planning for potential meetings:

  • 1st of May - One day session on the 4.0 process. Ties in with Re:publica in Berlin. - Includes participation from CC legal.
  • 14-15th of June, meetup on CC & GLAM with EuroDIG
  • Sometime in 2012... :-) a Collecting Societies & Community Management at CC Salon in Denmark
  • Sometime around 20-22nd of June, a meetup on OER? Potentially with Cable Green
  • Sometime around September 2012, a larger European regional meeting (in Brussels?)- Potentially with participation by Jessica Coates

Proposed themes for regional meetings

  • 4.0 - include CC legal
  • SGDR - include CC legal
  • OER - include Cable
  • GLAM - include Wikimedia
  • Community Management - include CC DK
  • Collecting societies - include Paul
  • Open data - include tvol

Events of interest

  • LAPSI Thematic Network 2nd Public Conference, 23-24th of January 2012
  • Transmediale (Berlin), 31 January - 5th February
  • EPSIplatform Conference: Taking re-use to the next level!, 16th of March 2012
  • LAPSI Thematic Seminar 6 (Budapest): Licensing of PSI: PSI-holders’ Perspectives, Re-users’ Perspectives and Redress Mechanisms, 22-23rd of March 2012
  • Reykjavík Digital Freedoms Conference (Reykjavik), 29th of March 2012
  • Open Courseware Consortium Global Meeting 2012 (Cambridge), 16-18th of April 2012
  • OER Congress Regional Meeting (Cambridge), 17th of April 2012
  • Re:Publica (Berlin), 2-4th of May 2012
  • Eurodig (Stockholm), 14-15th of June 2012
  • World OER Congress (Paris), 20-22nd of June 2012
  • LAPSI Internal Conference and final meeting (Turin), 9-10th of July 2012
  • 1st Global Thematic IASC Conference on the Knowledge Commons, 12-14th of September 2012
  • Free Culture Forum (Barcelona), 25-27th of October 2012
  • Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (Göteborg), 9-11th of November 2012