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== [[Distro repositories]] ==
Help spread CC software by packaging and submitting it to Linux distro repositories.  We need people who are familiar with the process to help shepard [[ccPublisher]], [[http://yergler.net/projects/mozcc mozCC]], [[ccHost]], et al, into the official distro repositories.  Contact [[User:NathanYergler|Nathan Yergler]] and/or [[User:Jon Phillips|Jon Phillips]] if you're into this and are interested in working on it. Please see the detail page [[Distro repositories]].
== [[LiveCD]] ==
[http://live.gnome.org/GnomeLiveCd Gnome] has one.  So does [http://mono-live.com Mono].  Why not CC?  A successful completion of this challenge would produce an ISO image for a bootable system that would be filled with CC licensed content and whatever the state-of-the-art in CC enabled applications is at that time.  You might base it on Knoppix, Ubuntu's Live CD, or roll your own. Please see the detail page [[LiveCD]].

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