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Getting Started

Run these commands to download a quickstart script.

cd /tmp/ # As good a place as any
bash gimme-discovered

The script will check for dependencies, build DiscoverEd, perform a small crawl, and launch a J2EE server (Jetty) with the software.

What does the script do?

  • Install the DiscoverEd code in ./discovered (relative to the working directory)
  • Create a Derby database in the db directory
  • Add a sample curator, and a sample feed
  • Aggregate the resources listed in that feed
  • Perform a simple crawl
  • Run a test search for the term "christianity", and print the results to your terminal

The above steps use the search engine without using a web browser. To make it all work in your web browser, the script will then do the following:

  • Launch an included copy of Jetty
  • Open the search engine in Firefox

What you should expect to see

This is a development branch. What you'll see is a search engine that says "DiscoverEd", but which is colored and laid-out incorrectly. The text of the results won't display. (We're working on it.)

Controlling the Installation

The script has several variables which control its behavior, including the install location (DISCOVER_ED_ROOT).

If you need more control (or are using this in production), you'll probably want to do a manual installation.