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How to install DiscoverEd

Run these commands to download a quickstart script.

cd /tmp/ # As good a place as any
bash gimme-discovered

The script will check for dependencies, build DiscoverEd, and launch a J2EE server with the software.

What does the script do?

  • Install the DiscoverEd code in ./discovered (relative to the working directory)
  • Create a discovered database (the default configuration is for MySQL)
  • Add a sample curator, and a sample feed
  • Download the web pages linked to by that feed
  • Run a test search for the term "crime", and print the results to your terminal

The above steps use the search engine without using a web browser. To make it all work in your web browser, the script will then do the following:

  • Download a copy of the excellent web server Tomcat in the same directory
  • Run that copy of Tomcat
  • Open the search engine in Firefox

What you should expect to see

This is a development branch. What you'll see is a search engine that says "DiscoverEd", but which is colored and laid-out incorrectly. The text of the results won't display. (We're working on it.)

Or do it manually

The script has several variables which control its behavior, including the install location (DISCOVER_ED_ROOT) and database name (DED_DB_NAME).

If you need more control (or are using this in production), you'll probably want to do a manual installation.