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How to install DiscoverEd

1. Run this command to download a quickstart script.


2. Edit the script and change MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD to the right thing.

3. Run this command to execute the script.

bash gimme-discovered

What does the script do?

This will do a few things:

  • Install the DiscoverEd code in /var/lib/discovered
  • Add a sample curator, and a sample feed
  • Download the web pages linked to by that feed
  • Run a test search for the term "crime", and print the results to your terminal

The above steps are performed by DiscoverEd. Next, we install a copy of the excellent web server Tomcat, which will allow to you perform searches through your web browser. So the script will do a few more things:

  • Install a copy of the excellent web server Tomcat in the same place
  • Run that copy of Tomcat
  • Open the search engine in Firefox

Or do it manually

See DiscoverEd/Install manually.