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ccLearn Syndication Guidelines

This document outlines the format in which ccLearn would like to receive syndication feeds for the data that will go into it's OER database.

The data must be supplied in an Atom or RSS format. These are two very well documented XML formats, and they are commonly implemted out-of-the-box by many content management systems.

Presently, ccLearn is looking for the following fields:

  • URL: Full URL of the referenced resource.
  • License: This should be a URL to the license e.g.
  • Grade level: What grade or level this material is suitable for.
  • Language: The language of the referenced resource (not of the your site).
  • Title: A brief descriptive title for the resource.
  • Summary: A relatively short summary/synopsis of the resource.
  • Subject: A more formal subject name e.g. Mathematics.