DiscoverEd: Missing Metadata

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You probably arrived to this page because the data for one of the fields shown in DiscoverEd is missing. These data are automatically extracted from the publishers of the educational resources accessed by DiscoverEd. If you believe those data exist, you may need to visit the original site for that curator (simply click on the curator name).

If you are a curator and your data are missing, you should know that the DiscoverEd project is an experimental search engine which uses metadata to enhance full text search results. These metadata are gathered from a variety of sources, including OAI-PMH harvesting, RSS feeds, and embedded RDFa. If a site does not provide the metadata in their feed or (preferably) as embedded RDFa, the search engine is unable to leverage it. If you have questions about these technical issues, please contact Nathan Yergler or Alex Kozak.