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Affiliated Institution
University of Copenhagen, Law Institute (academic institution)
Public Project Lead
Christian Villum
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Collecting Society Projects/Denmark

Roadmap: Direction & Action Plan 2012-2013


  • Maintaining CC Denmark (CC-DEN) to be an active, coherent and well-functioning organization and an active member of the global CC ecosystem.
  • Boosting knowledge of CC-DEN and CC tools in the local/national community through activities such as
    • increasing open licensing awareness among both artists and consumers via various recurring outreach activities,
    • introduce business models based on CC licensing and tools among in particular more established Danish artists,
    • strengthening common knowledge on intellectual property rights (IPR), its strengths and pitfalls as well as taking part in the development of flexible IPR protection,
    • supporting education, training, research & development and other cultural activities,
    • taking actively part in public discourse; being available for the media as well as engage actively in virtual sphere (social media, forums, discussion boards, etc.)
    • international integration through the global system of CC via correspondence and collaboration with other chapters. Primarily in the Scandinavian countries, but also with European chapters and the rest of the world.
  • Provide relevant information about CC-related proceedings in Denmark to CC headquarters.


  • The Public Project Lead is maintained by media professional/web activist Christian Villum and attorney Martin von Haller Grønbæk.
  • Thomas Riis form the Legal Project Lead in Copenhagen Business School (official affiliate institution).
  • From January 2012, Peter Leth and Henrik Chulu have joined as Education Advisor and Event Strategist.
  • Activities and planning furthermore includes a group of additional volunteers.


  • Long term/recurring public events and projects includes
    • the CC Salon Copenhagen, initiated in spring 2010, shall continue biannually in 2012 and beyond. Time permitting, it would be optimal to facilitate that international speakers are also invited to engage with local actors in workshops on (or simply discussing) particular issues.
    • working towards the establishing of more salons across the country. Primarily in Aarhus (second largest city) and eventually also in Odense (third) and Aalborg (fourth).
    • liaising with Danish collecting society KODA (currently Anne Sophie Gersdorff Schrøder) to fine tune collaboration and seek permanent implementation (spring 2012).
    • giving presentations at relevant venues and events on demand (lectures, festivals, schools, think tanks, businesses etc.).
    • extending the group of volunteers surrounding CC DEN in order to increase activity level and create a larger CC community in Denmark
    • where possible, strengthen cooperation with CC Sweden and Society for Free Society and Software (Jonas Öberg) on various ideas from both parties’ idea-pools. Joint fundraising could be an option in this regard.
    • follow-up on continuing dialogue and sessions with Danish public service broadcaster DR (Danmarks Radio) on making a CC-driven pilot project.


Currently all activities (as described in 3.1-3.2) are funded individually through grants and sponsorships.