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Most Recent License Version
Affiliated Institution
Iuridicum Remedium (NGO)
Public Project Lead
Helena Svatošová, supported by IuRe; (Other team members: Jan Vobořil)

Country Code

Jurisdiction: Creative Commons Czech Republic

Date submitted: September 2014


Since the launch of the Czech version of the Creative Commons licenses in April 2009 the licence suite has become increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. The CZ CC Jurisdiction project therefore aims to uphold this growing trend, further promote the CC licence suite and ensure its seamless application.


The CC stakeholder and community groups in the Czech Republic could be identified as follows:

  • Government and public bodies: recently the Czech government adopted the Open Government Partnership therefore the CC licences are about to play a crucial role in making the public sector information accessible to the public.
  • Educational institutions: e.g. universities, high schools etc. using either CC licensed material or publishing their own courses, scientific results etc. under the CC licences (e.g. in a green OA repository).
  • Creators: artist and writers publishing their own content under CC licences or using CC licensed content.
  • Cultural institutions: libraries - promoting open access and building OA repositories.

Our aim is to establish, or deepen the established contacts within these communities and also to bring them together. The Czech CC webpage should serve as the basic communication portal among these communities.

Priorities for 2014

  • Raising awareness and visibility of CC licences in public,
  • Translation of the CC 4.0 into Czech,
  • Negotiations with collecting societies - OSA, INTERGRAM

Web resources

The web presence of the CC Community should be continuously maintained and updated and could be regarded as one of the key task of the Public Lead. The wider audience should be reached through the following instruments:

  • Official CC web page ( - serves as the main hub of all CC related activities in the CZ jurisdiction
  • CC Facebook page (Facebook group for Creative Commons Czech Republic has been launched in 2008 to strengthen community of volunteers and sympathizers and to achieve more visibility for the project. The Facebook group informs about new CC licensed materials, CC and other relevant events.
  • CC Twitter account - provides for fast information spread

Participants: Jan Vobořil, Petra Pejšová, Student volunteers

Engaging the Community

We would like to start closer cooperation with adopters of CC licences (such as Czech Wikimedia, targeted Czech universities and NGOs) in order to raise public awareness of alternative licensing and to illustrate pros and cons for potential CC adopters. Collaborations might result in participation of related seminars or workshops (e.g. OA Week) and co-organization of such events. Also a CC 4.0 launch event when the licensing suite is translated is planned. A publication on examples of good practice and success stories of CC is planned to be published. The Legal team should also provided for the necessary consultation of arising legal issues.

Participants: Helena Svatošová, Jan Vobořil, Petra Pejšová, Matěj Myška, Radim Polčák, Jakub Harašta

Professional workshops, conferences and seminars

We would like to bring attention of the professional community to CC by organizing specialized workshops during the national and international conferences organized by Masaryk University, Faculty of Law, Institute of Law and Technology

Participants: Matěj Myška, Radim Polčák, Jakub Harašta

CC related legal research

The Legal team will critically explore the legal aspects of CC under Czech Law in the following areas:

  • libraries and on-line repositories
  • Open Access to academic works
  • free and open source software
  • CC in the context of multiple jurisdictions
  • new media
  • collective rights management
  • public sector information re-use
  • open data

The results of this research will be published in major national as well as European law journals (preferably OA journals). Furthermore non financial support for student research on CC related topics shall be provided, especially for those students writing their bachelor or master thesis on CC related topics.

Participants: Matěj Myška, Radim Polčák, Jakub Harašta

CC compatibility with collectively managed rights

In order to make relations between alternative licensing model and collectively managed rights, we contact collecting societies to discuss and come up with written statement, that would smoothly explain responsibilities for authors who intend to use CC licences towards particular collecting society. This year we would like to start negotiations with OSA – Czech collecting society for music composers and INTERGRAM - Czech collecting society for producers of sound and sound-visual recordings

Participants: Matěj Myška

Sustainability and Scalability

The sustainability of the project shall be continuously discussed. However, as the Legal team is a part of a well established publicly funded university, the sustainability in this area could regarded as assured.

The project's on-going progress and setbacks within the jurisdiction and the CC Affiliate Network shall be communicated via the CZ CC web pages, mailing list updates and also press releases. Specifically, also targeted mail communication may be used.

The project shall be documented as follows:

- Minutes of the meetings/skype conferences of the CZ CC Team

- Reports from workshops, seminars and conferences

- Project diary


The CZ CC Team is open to establish new contacts and collaboration on the regional level. As a result of the language proximity as well the already established contact, the CZ CC Team plans to further develop the cooperation with the Slovakian CC team.


CC should be primarily promoted in Czech language in the Czech jurisdiction as this is the most accessible language for the targeted communities. Events that overlap scope of Czech jurisdiction in terms of importance are simultaneously reported in English language (especially in the deliverables “CC related legal research” and “Professional workshops, conferences and seminars”). Czech versions of CC licenses are launched since April 2009 - We do not intend to translate CC zero due to incompatibility of this tool with Czech Copyright Law. We aim to translate new text strings into Czech language of the new license chooser.