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Workshop in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


"Open Content and Open licensing in the Arab World: opportunities and challenges facing their use and applicability "

The debate over the use of open content licences has increased recently in the Arab world, where enforcement of copyright laws is limited and piracy rates are high. The use of Free Open Source Software (FOSS), Creative Commons and other voluntary mechanisms could provide a meaningful alternative to those problems. The workshop will explore opportunities and challenges (legal, technical, educational and linguistic) facing the use of open content licenses focusing on the specific needs of the Arab world. A special emphasis will be put on how governments and businesses in the Arab world could eventually benefit from such voluntary mechanisms in order to encourage more adaptation and use of such models.
See list of speakers at
Where: Internet Governance Forum, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Cost: free upon registration
More info: contact the workshop coordinator Rami Olwan "Rami Olwan" <>