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Film screening in San Francisco, CA, USA



Slayers Club proudly presents a screening of the documentary film, Copyright Criminals, an examination of the artistic and legal implications of sampling in modern music, to take place on Thursday, September 23 at club Mighty in SF.

The night will also feature live music performances by Steinski, innovator of sample-based music in the early 80's, Amp Live, an accomplished and eclectic Bay Area producer who was recently entangled in a legal battle over his bootlegged Radiohead remix work, and The Polish Ambassador aka Ample Mammal, who has been called "the West Coast, more sophisticated version of Girl Talk".

The film screening will be followed by a speakers panel including Steinski, Amp Live, Tim Jones of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, entertainment lawyer Tony Berman and revered hip-hop historian Jeff Chang.

Local artist Nick Fregosi and others will paint live graffiti artwork on canvas outside the venue and b-boy collectives will perform breakdance demos inside.