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== [[GUI for web content creation application generating HTML pages with RDF linking Creative Commons contents]] ==
A GUI for web content creation application to build a single HTML page with float panel linking Creative Commons contents from all CC reporitories. The author can browse previews of all the contents searching by tags.
The HTML generated code contains all the microformats data (RDF) for attribution and licenses of all the authors of the contents used.
== [[Build Creative Commons licensing into more content creation applications]] ==
We have a [[Applications Using CC|list of existing applications]] that allow users to choose a Creative Commons license for content created within the applications. Any application in which a user creates "content" is a candidate, from multimedia authoring systems to weblog publishing software. We've made it easy to offer Creative Commons licenses to users (See [[Choose License|Choose License Page]]. Please see [[Build Creative Commons licensing into more content creation applications]].
== [[Build licensing into web content applications]] ==
The moment of content creation is the sweet spot for CC assignment. Imagine if the top 10 authoring tools (blogs, wikis, cmses, etc) all shipped with proper CC support... even if a small fraction of site administrators enabled this feature, the ammount of content which would be assigned CC licenses a decade from now would be staggering. Pick a project - [http://opensourcecms.org opensourcecms] ([[WpLicense|wordpress]], *nuke*, cmses, [http://drupal.org/node/17497 drupal], [http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/136 Plone], etc.). Please see [[Build licensing into web content applications]].
== [[GUI for embedding license claims in files and generating claim verification RDF]] ==
We have a [http://cctools.sourceforge.net/ command line tool] that embeds license claims in [[MP3]] and [[OGG]] files and generates claim verification for these files according to our [[Embedded Metadata|license metadata embedding guidelines]]. We need a GUI version of this tool (or versions, for different platforms). The most basic implementation would allow a user to choose a file, enter some information (at least copyright holder, license chosen, and URL of the page that will verify the embedded claim), embed the claim in the file, and display verification RDF for copy&paste into the verification web page. More sophisticated implementations might help a user manage their tagged files or interface with specific web publishing systems to make publishing verification metadata transparent. Please see the detail page: [[GUI for embedding license claims in files and generating claim verification RDF]].

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