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* General information: [mailto:info@creativecommons.org info@creativecommons.org]
* General information: [mailto:info@creativecommons.org info@creativecommons.org]
* Metadata inquiries: <a href="mailto:metadata@creativecommons.org">metadata@creativecommons.org</a></p>
* Affiliate inquiries: [mailto:affiliate-program@creativecommons.org affiliate-program@creativecommons.org]
* Press, analyst and public relations: <a href="mailto:press@creativecommons.org">press@creativecommons.org</a></p>
* Website issues: [mailto:webmaster@creativecommons.org webmaster@creativecommons.org]
* Website issues: <a href="mailto:webmaster@creativecommons.org">webmaster@creativecommons.org</a></p>
* We also have [http://creativecommons.org/discuss public discussion lists] for Creative Commons licenses and metadata.
* ccPublisher and other tools: <a href="mailto:software@creativecommons.org">software@creativecommons.org</a></p>
'''Corporate Headquarters'''
* Financial disclosures and complaints (audit committee: Joi Ito, Eric Eldred, Molly Van Houweling, and Diane Cabell): <a href="mailto:audit@creativecommons.org">audit@creativecommons.org</a>
* We also have <a href="/discuss">public discussion lists</a> for Creative Commons licenses and metadata.</p>
* <strong>Corporate Headquarters</strong><br>
Creative Commons<br>
Creative Commons<br>
543 Howard Street<br>
444 Castro St Ste 916<br>
5th Floor<br>
Mountain View, CA, United States<br>
San Francisco, CA, United States<br>
phone: +1.415.946.3070<br>
fax: +1.415.946.3001 (include "Attn: Creative Commons" on cover sheet)
== Copyright infringement notifications ==
If you have reason to believe that any material or activity on a site controlled or operated by Creative Commons (such as <a href="http://creativecommons.org/">creativecommons.org</a>, <a href="http://sciencecommons.org/">sciencecommons.org</a> or <a href="http://ccmixter.org/">ccmixter.org</a>) is infringing of the right(s) owned by you or someone else, for whom you have authority to act, please follow our <a href="dmca">DMCA Notice &amp; Takedown Procedure</a>.

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Corporate Headquarters

Creative Commons
444 Castro St Ste 916
Mountain View, CA, United States