Congreso Campus 2009

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Conference in Loja, Ecuador


CAMPUS es un programa que surge como el compromiso de la OUI para la creación de vínculos de colaboración y solidaridad entre sus miembros y en la promoción de un proceso de integración consensuado de las Américas mediante la cooperación universitaria y una mejor comprensión intercultural; y, de la proclama de la Conferencia Mundial de la Educación Superior de la UNESCO
Su misión es: La construcción de espacios comunes de educación superior en asocio a instituciones de educación superior o redes institucionales.

What is CAMPUS?
CAMPUS was set up following an agreement with the OUI-IOHE to create collaborative links and solidarity among the organization’s members. In addition, it aims to promote a consensual process of integration within the Americas via university cooperation, improved intercultural understanding and through observance of the Proclamation of the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education.CAMPUS’ Mission: The creation of common areas of Higher Education in association with Higher Education Institutes and international networks.

- To share experiences related to the Knowledge Management and Web 2.0.- To define framework that can be used to develop an agenda related to ‘Spirit and Values in the 21st Century University’.
- To provide criteria that strengthen the development of the Latin American and Caribbean Common Area of Higher Education.
- To understand the developments related to the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Creative Commons Licences.