Concert Screenshots and Machinima Contest

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Share your pictures, recordings and machinima of the Creative Commons / Concert in Second Life:

On October 19, 2006 we will have show in Second Life (with prizes) for the best CC licensed photos and machinima of the event.

Upload pictures to Flickr, tag them: slcreativecommons and optionally add them to the Second Life group. (If you'd like to be eligible for the contest, mark them with the Creative Commons license of your choice.) Add a link to your flickr site below.

Recordings and machinima should be licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. Upload your recordings and machinima to the web site of your choice, and post the link to it on this page below.

If you have difficulty posting your link, email it to: Jennifer Yip (SL: Genevieve Junot) - jennifer at

Judging: Members of the CC headquarters staff will review the submissions and vote on those which best capture the spirit of Creative Commons and the concert event.

Prizes: Winners may be featured on the Creative Commons blog and wiki. Two real-life Creative Commons t-shirts will be awarded (one for stills, one for machinima/recordings). (And maybe a surprise or two, still working on it.) We are working on in-world prizes provided by SL sponsors.

Eligibility: Although their works might be shown, CC and employees, Zenigma Suntzu, Slim Warrior, Adri Saarinen and Hamlet Au are not eligible for prizes.

This event is intended to be an informal show with some prizes to add a little extra fun, as a part of our monthly "CC in SL" series.

Add Links Here:


Zenigma Suntzu's Flickr (not eligible)

John Mahoney's Flickr (not eligible)

Flickr pictures tagged slcreativecommons

SL Concert Photos by Kronos Kirkorian


Fun photos, AAC recordings of the entire concert, and split MP3s of Jonathan's set here: PopSci Rocks Second Life

Mirror of the AAC recordings at Creative Commons licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License (details here)

MP3s of the entire concert coming soon :)