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Wiki audit protocol/framework questions

4:30pm EST, Thur January 19. Pad for call:

  • Where is the page linked? (ie. home page = important)
    • Is the page linked on external sites?
    • If the page is not linked, should it be?
  • Does the page link to external sites/resources? If not, can/should it?
  • What is the purpose of the page? (ie. best practices, brainstorming space, case study?)
    • Target audience and expertise level
  • When was the page last updated?
  • Is page valued for posterity? (If so, can you archive wiki pages?)
  • What categories does the page fall under? (ie. Category:Press_Hit) Or what project is the page part of? (ie. Case Studies)
  • Is the page a form? Is the form currently in use? If so, by how many people?
  • Has the page been translated into different languages? If so, which ones/how many?
  • Does the page contain media?
  • What could be improved about the page?
    • ie. could the page be improved via the addition of media (ie. images, video)?
    • Could the additional media make reference to well known and/or important projects that already use CC.
    • Could the page have 'notes', 'references' or 'see also' to complement its content/sources.

Meeting 5 Dec

8:00AM U.S. Pacific time. Pad for call:


  • Collect positive and negative feedback on the organization of content in the current website.
  • Determine the top priorities on what needs to be changed, relocated or redesigned about the website (Case Studies for example).
  • Determine what resources and time frames we have for making the desired changes to the website.
  • Schedule next meeting.