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Anyone may choose a Creative Commons license by going to

Several services are available to integrate license selection into a website or application:

Drop-down menu

Include a list of available licenses in a drop down menu on your form. List may be included via javascript, server-side retrieval, or by simply copying and saving directly into your form. The last method will not obtain new license versions, but is by far the simplest, and licenses should version rarely and old versions are always still valid.

Requires minimal knowledge of HTML.

Documented at or merely go to for the simplest invocation, which obtains a list of license URIs and names in the form of a select list (which can be easily parsed if you wanted a list of licenses for use elsewhere).

Website Popup

Allows a website to give users a choice of any current CC license, generally via a popup. Javascript may be used to save license choice result in local form value -- may be integrated to any existing form on your site.

Requires some knowledge of HTML and Javascript.

Documented at Web Integration Guide

Screenshot below, example described at Movable Type.

Choose license popup.png

RESTful web services API

Allows any website or application to transparently integrate CC licensing.

Requires programming.

Documented at with more information including library implementations at Creative Commons Web Services.

Implementations include ccPublisher, the Microsoft Office Addin, and Drupal. Screenshot from ccPublisher:

Ccp2 screenshot 4.png


See LicenseChooser.js.