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  • This page refers to features only available on ccHost 5.1


The main form of interaction at a ccHost site, the one that differentiates it from most other content management systems, is deriving works from each other (a.k.a. remixing). Rather than sharing status messages, being in a circle of "friends" or "followers," the artists are having a conversation with the media itself.

ccHost does offer ways of interacting that relate directly to the media. In this document we'll discuss the various ways people can show their appreciation and even help "market" the content.


ccHost offers admins a choice between two types of ratings system. The "star" method or the "recommends" method. (The recommends system is also referred to as the "thumbs up" method.)

You can not enable both the start method and the recommend method at the same time. It's one or the other.

The 5 Star Method

When the star system is enabled, a strip of 5 graphical stars appears with every upload. When a user that is eligible for rating hovers over the stars, they change color indicating they can choose one to signify their ratings.

Ratings are stored in the database as a number between 1 and 5. (Technically the number stored is 100 times the rating.)

To enable the star system click on Global Settings then Ratings (or browse to admin/ratings). In that form check the Ratings option and un-check the Use 'Recommend' style.

Administering a site with a star rating system can require a lot of tweaking when the system is abused (i.e. a "1 star bombing run"). In order to watch and correct abuses browse to admin/ratings/manage which allows you to view specific activity. Click on the reviewers name to filter just one user or the upload name to filter on a specific upload. Likewise for IP, ratings and upload.

Recommends (Thumbs Ups)

Who Can Rate?

Only registered users can rate and artists can not rate/recommend themselves.